6mm Soft Fondant Edible Pearls - Lavender - Pack of 100

6mm Soft Fondant Edible Pearls Lavender

Go beyond the ordinary and embellish your edible masterpiece with fondant edible pearls!

These handmade pearls are soft, made with a great tasting vanilla fondant. They are stunningly gorgeous, making the perfect addition to wedding cakes or any special treat.

COLOR: Lavender

Size: 6mm

Approximately 100 pearls per container


How do you attach the pearls to a cake?

If you are using a buttercream or whipped icing all you really need to do is lightly press the pearls into the cake shortly after it has been iced. If the icing surface has crusted too much use a small dot of buttercream or royal icing to help adhere the pearls to the cake.

To attach pearls to a fondant cake you should use a tiny bit of a thick consistency royal icing or melted chocolate. Using buttercream to attach the pearls to fondant is not recommended. Buttercream will soften fondant and cause the decorations to fall off the cake.

Storage: Keep in sealed container out of direct sunlight at room temperature. Sunlight will fade the colored pearls and extreme heat can cause them to soften and possibly stick together. Pearls will stay useable for four to five months.


6mm Soft Fondant Edible Pearls - Lavender - Pack of 100
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