Diamond Confetti 4 CARAT (10MM) 800pcs CLEAR

Diamond Confetti 4 CARAT (10MM) Diamonds sparkle and shimmer when the lights hit. They have faceted tops with pointed diamonds, and look just like the real deal. Sprinkle these diamonds about to create a fun and festive party atmosphere. Great for parties, weddings, baby showers, or any special occassion. Made of high quality acrylic. Approx 800 pcs

If using as vase filler: 800 pcs will fill approximately 1 1/4 cups based on a standard 8 oz measuring cup

PLEASE NOTE: This is our acrylic diamond confetti for decoration only. This product is NOT EDIBLE. Please use the following links for our edible sugar diamonds


Edible Sugar Diamonds

Sugar Diamond Info Page

Diamond Confetti 4 CARAT (10MM) 800pcs CLEAR
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