Edible Sugar Brooch - Round

Edible Sugar Brooch - Round

Our round edible brooch measures 1.5" x 1-10/16".  The center jewel is surrounded by 14 clear diamond shaped jewels.  They make beautiful bow centers and can be incorporated into a many cake designs to provide the perfect finishing touch.

13 Color Choices (Shown Hot Pink):

Clear, Soft Pink, Hot Pink, Aqua Blue, Teal, Sapphire, Lavender, Purple, Red, Emerald Green, Yellow, Orange, Black

Made in the USA.

Sold Individually.

Please note: Sometimes the jewels will be cloudy due to temperature fluctuations during shipping. If this occurs with your purchase, simply spray them with a very light coating of vegetable oil to instantly restore their luster. Keep stored in a cool, dry place in the original packaging until ready to use. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Place on food items at the last minute or as close to presentation as possible for best results. FOOD PRODUCTS ARE SHIPPED AT THE PURCHASERS RISK AND ARE NOT GUARANTEED AGAINST WEATHER RELATED DAMAGE (MELTING OR DETERIORATION).

Edible Sugar Brooch - Round
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