SM GOLD Rhinestone Covered Monogram Letter Wedding Cake Topper

New!  Our Rhinestone Covered Monogram Cake Toppers are now available in GOLD.

The Rhinestone Covered Crystal wedding cake toppers are a collection that is absolutely breathtaking.

These gorgeous cake toppers will add sparkle and elegance to your wedding, birthday, or anniversary cake. They are gold plated and the front of the letter is covered in crystal rhinestones.

Prongs can be removed with wire cutters after your reception to place in a shadow box or other keepsake.

All letters, ampersand symbol, and heart are available.


Small monogram Letters measure approximately 2 3/4" HIGH

Please note that last photo with entire alphabet is shown in silver, however, if you purchase this item, you will receive a gold toppr as shown in all remaining photos.

Approximate WIDTHS 

A 2"

B 2.25"

C 2"

D 2.5"

E 1.75"

F 2"

G 1.75"

H 2.25"

I 2.25"

J 1.75"

K 2.25"

L 2.25"

M 2.5"

N 2.25"

O 2"

P 2.25"

Q 2"

R 2.25"

S 2"

T 2.5"

U 2.5"

V 2.5"

W 2.25"

X 2.25"

Y 2"

Z 2.25"

& (ampersand) 2"

Heart 2.5"


Wonderful alone or complete your cake with our Crystal Cake Banding.

SM GOLD Rhinestone Covered Monogram Letter Wedding Cake Topper
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